Vegan Pistachios cream

This is the first time i try a vegan recipe ever , and i'm charmed . this is a light dessert with oriental tastes and breesy summery vibes all mixed up together . I got the idea of this recipe since i'm craving baklawa but i'm trying to cut off on sugar and saturated fat so i thought that a refreshing dessert with pistachios will be a good substitute especially when it's simple to prepare .



( For 2 people ; 296 Cal per serving )

  • 50 gr grilled and finely mixed pistachios
  • 50 gr flour
  • 500 ml almond milk
  • 50 gr sugar
  • (Optional)some fruits and white chocolate for decoration

Let's get down to business ...

  1. In a Pan start by mixing the dry ingriedients and keep the sugar for later.
  2. Add gradually the almond milk so you prevent any lumps in the mixture.
  3. put is on a medium heat on the stove and keep steering using a spatula so nothing sticks in the buttom of the pan .
  4. when the liquid mixture starts to thicken up add the sugar and keel steering util boiling .
  5. Put the cream you get in cups and refrigirate it for at least 2 hours or overnight before decoration.


And Voilà that was simple right ?

Amal Nasri

Amal Nasri

A full time sweet tooth foodie , foodphotographer and recipe developer who is always on the hunt of new flavor combinations and food discoveries to re-create sweet delicacies and fresh dessert recipes .

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