chocolate layer cake-01

Birthday chocolate layer cake

Birthday chocolate layer cake is a tradition in our small family, it is my husbanb's favorite and always have been, so each year i make a…


Classic madeleines

Madeleines have been my favorite sweet snack since my childhood , i can still remember my mother baking them through the weekend so we can…

Orange and pistachio Babka

Pistachio and orange Babka

Babka is one of many sweet bread specialty commonly found around the center and east of europe and especially in Poland. I tried babka many…

galette-des-rois (17 of 29)

Galette des rois: Pistachios & geranium water and Almond &Tonka

Its the beginning of january , and that means in France the Galette des rois season. The galette des rois aKa "kings cake" is a traditional…

lowcarb brownies (14 of 14)

Low carb fudgy chocolate brownies

Comfort in a bite but without a lot of guilt ! (oh that kind of rhymes !) well this is what i am trying to acheive lately as i am on a low…

Matcha macaron

Matcha macaron

First of all i have to say that i missed sitting down and writing recipes but for the last 5 months a lot was going on , we moved to a new…


The perfect Moist Orange cake Recipe

A light fluffy and melting moist orange cake. A traditional grandma recipe of the original Tunisian orange cake.


The perfect holidays cake recipe : Pear Hazelnut cake

A simple and easy pear hazelnut cake recipe to indulge during the festive holiday season

chocolate sheet cake

How to make the best Chocolate sheet cake ever!

An easy , brilliant and effortless recipe to satisfy your chocolate cake craving anytime. ( This recipe is an update of the chocolate…


Matcha and figs tart

The perfect summery figs and matcha tea tart: crunchy , sweet and balanced between the matcha tea earthiness and bitterness and figs…

two in one chocolate mousse and chocolate souffle recipe

One recipe Two desserts : The magical Chocolate mousse and chocolate souffle recipe

Two desserts , one recipe . BINGO! yes you read that right .A recipe for a melting airy chocolate mousse and a 100% successful chocolate…

moist carrotcake-4

The Best moist carrot cake recipe ever !

This is absolutely one of my star recipes ever. Everyone just love how moist and light this carrot cake is , so why not stick around and…


Chocolate bundt surprise cake

The perfect chocolate bundt cake with a mascarpone filling and a hanful of fresh strawberries all covered with a pistachio and white…


How to make a perfect Pavlova

Pavlova the national Australian dessert with excellence ( and In New Zealand as well ). A perfect balance of sweetness , creaminess and…


Easy Banana bread recipe

A light , moist and flavorfull banana bread recipe that will make you smile , easy to make even for kids ( disclaimer : it will be a big…

peach and bluberries galette-12

Easy Peach and Blueberries galette

Paches Are Finally in season !!! nothing is better than a summery peach galette for dessert on the balcony while enjoying this sunny sunday…


The Best strawberry dessert recipe in 20 min

Strawberries season is definetly my favorite season of the year and my favorite way to it is definetly raw but some quick fresh strawberries…


How to make a Moka &n Chocolate layer cake in No time

Did you know that Men should be spoiled constently even more than kids ? well at least mine is . After days and days of convincing here i am…


How to make the best Pistachios and fresh Apricots upside down cake

A fresh apricot upsidown cake craving have been hunting my sweet fantasies since a few days now , since the day i saw some gorgous fresh…

MG 5878

Grape fruit and Rosemary Mocktail

Summer is finally here and it's mocktails season . so i started looking for inspiration of flavor combinations and since i have Grapefruits…

IMG 0014

Low carb vanilla cake with ricotta cream and straweberries

Low carbs desserts are one of the challenges i have been taking lately as you might see in last couple of recipes . It is really not easy to…

IMG 0002

Rhubarb & Strawberries Upside down cake

Rhubarb upside down Cake is a classic and since it is also strawberries season so i threw few strawberries as well and believe me the result…

IMG 0011

Low carbs Rhubarb and strawberries Panna Cotta

The weather finally decided to settle down and get warm so all the beautiful spring fruits can thrive and get ripe . And of course the all…

MG 5762

Vegan chocolate layer cake

Cakes are all about share kindness and generosity and the purpose of baking is to make your friends and family happy . So of course the best…

MG 5221

Ricotta & Honey Icecream

Ricotta is one of the most underrated soft cheeses that can be a perfect healthy subtitut to creamcheese . Since i saw few pictures on…

MG 5151

Hazelnuts and pears Moelleux

Like every afternoon i was craving a light sweet cake to go with a cup of a strong unsweetned Espresso using the couple of pears lying…

MG 4069

Orange Cardamom cheesecake

Cheese cakes are not my cup of tea but i just can#t stop myself from craving a slice of it from time to time , and this time i wanted to…

MG 5102

Earlgrey Madeleines

Everytime i think of madeleines i remember one of my favorites Jacques Brel's song Madeleine . Madeleines are french classical sweets that…

MG 4673

Caramelised Apple cake

I decided to start using more fruits in my cakes to add more freshness and and addditional texture , and of course i couldn't skip…

MG 3647

Cinnamon buns

As my dear followers on instagram must know by now i am a big fan of cardamom and cinnamon buns , i just can’t get enough of it . And i…

MG 3495

Rose sugar cookies

Well i am not the biggest fan of sugar cookies . I ofently find them to be un-interessting and fade even though they can be flavored with…

MG 3462

Galette des Rois

It's january , the " galette de rois" season . It is also called kings cake a classic french cake made specially for the "Épiphany" to make…

MG 3121

The "marbré"

This cake is one of the classics ,it's perfect for tea or coffee time .My mother used to prepare it on the quatre-quart base recipe but i…

 MG 3056

Dark Chocolate Pannacotta

Panna cotta is a healthy and light dessert that complements perfectly the end of a heavy holidays meal , i hope that you will like it…

SAM 2677

Quince and Meringue tart

SAM 2622

Sunday Chocolate cake ( Gluten-free )

Sundays Craving are usually the worst , and the last week i was litteraly dreaming of a big slice of a chocolate cake and some berries on…


Vegan Blueberries & oat muffins

The breakfast muffins are the easiest and most delicious way to start your day on the right foot , and can save your breakfast when you have…


Whalnuts and dates Cake

Whalnuts and dates make a great combination in addition to the nutritional values that they have . And they are one of the best options in…


Spicy Chocolate truffles

Chocolate Truffles are so easy to make and yet so sopisticated and impressive delicacies that will make its effect when you resent it for…


Majestically "Chocolate"


Vegan Pistachios cream

This is the first time i try a vegan recipe ever , and i'm charmed . this is a light dessert with oriental tastes and breesy summery vibes…

IMG 7484

Crunchy pears and dark chocolate cake

Well after a long time no see i've better come back with a good dreamy dark chocolate cake that transport you to another decadent universe…

IMG 7266

Orange cake

Oranges are one of my favorite fruits and since it's the season , why not enjoy it in a different way than a simple breakfast juice. Orange…

IMG 7172

Peanut butter - banana pancakes

Who would resist a fresh batch of pancakes on an off work day breakfast ? Not me anyway but since i'm all over paying attention to my diet…

IMG 6787


IMG 6767-2

Nutella Brioche

Happy new year for all of you , may this year bring the humanity love , peace, joy and of course without forgetting , great food and sweet…

IMG 6456

B-eanut Chocolate Pancakes

Weekend oh Dear Weekend , my favorite thing about weekends is brunch , i just love waking up late and starting my saturday with a great…

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Fluffy cheesecake

You know that one-day when you suddenly have an irresistible craving to something that you don’t usually eat, well last week I had one of…

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